About EMSMedRx Author

Mark Albert is a graduate of Saint John’s University in Jamaica New York class of 1988. He has 23 years of clinical experience in acute care, long term care, retail, and Home Intravenous settings. He has held both staff and supervisory positions.
During his tenure with New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, he acquired indispensable skills in rounding with medical staff in critical care settings, developing clinical protocols, and the pharmacist’s in the interdisciplinary team as opposed to the rudimentary dispensing role.
He presently serves as a Pharmacist Consultant for NYC REMSCO to assist in Protocol development, Formulary Management, and general advisement about contemporary EMS related pharmacological topics. He is an innovator, in that very few, if any Regional EMS Councils have active participation of a pharmacist.
In addition, he teaches pharmacology at Saint John’s University EMS Institute and is awaiting a formal appointment.
His interests are to impart the pharmacist knowledge as an expert in medications on the practicing medic. To that extent, ensure that they are considering the patients’ medications in the whole clinical picture.
He is now entrenched on working on the medications commonly implicated in Cardiac Arrest and that should be included when conducting the H and T’s during the paramedics’ survey. He is also expressed a interested in the Critical Care area of Transport Medics (Medvac) and the education aspect of the various pharmacodynamics of the agents
With respect to Emergency Room medicine, Mark is striving for the recognition of the importance of the pharmacist role in this setting. He is a big advocate of the need for a pharmacist to contribute to decreasing morbidity and mortality due to medication errors. Along with the leaders in this area, is proposing the role of a pharmacist responding in Cardiac Arrest, Rapid Sequence Intubations, Stroke Alerts, Trauma Response, and other areas where medication expertise is critical.
He is dedicated to educating via Podcasts, blog participation, and co-presentations via various venues to enlighten paramedics about the mechanism of actions of such potential medication induced acute states, manifestations, and clinical management.
Mark is also interested in Research that will help formulate Standards of Care in the realm of pharmacology in the area of EMS and Emergency Medicine. To sharpen his skills, he is presently pursuing his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Howard University and forming solid working relationships with leaders in this above mentioned areas.
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