What is the importance of a Medication History?

Posted on April 14, 2011


I asked a similiar question to Tim of 12 lead? What is the difference if you see a ST elevation and it meets the criteria of STEMI. Who cares what part of the Myocardial Tissue it is?

Few weeks ago, I had a chance to participate on EMS Office Hours for Dial M For Medicines.


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Medications are important. but it is a challenge to obtain a good history. OMG people hurd medications in their house. Pill containers are great, but with the advent of generics, eveything is a white oval tab, even as a pharmacist, I can not identifiy it.

Good resources on your handy phone applications mostly downloaded free can help you identify those tabs/caps, I am sure the Droid Medic can do a better job than me in advocating such applications.

But if the Feds save the Poison Control Centers, they are a good resource.

Examples were knowing a patients medications can dictate your course of therapy:

Furosemide= Few cases where it it still used or indicated? you would have to double the dose

Albuterol Inhalation Therapy= If they patient reported they have self-administered 2-3 treatments and appear in respiratory distress, it may be prudent to move on to other modalities as per your local protocol

Listen to my broadcast, i have more examples, I will also give more as we go along in future blogs.

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