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Medication Errors:To err is to be human

March 25, 2011


Im sure in medic school you all learned about the “6 rights of medication admistration” I will briefly recapitulate these things you may not employ into practice in everyday situations. Neglicence to adhere to these principles can lead in misadventures.  *The right patient– may be more applicable in a clinical rotation for Medics *The right drug *The […]

Ipratropium Soybean and Nuts Allergy: Myth Dispelled

March 21, 2011


This is a great example of a input of a pharmacist’s contribution to the EMS community. At least in NYC, the protocol has been in states requiring Ipratropium, that Soybean and Nut allegies was a contraindication.   This was in fact true; however, in the old formulation of the handhold inhaler. In the instance of […]

Office Hours: How new protocols come about in NYC REMSCO and focus on proposed removal of Morphine Sulfate in Chest Pain protocol

March 20, 2011

0 protocolchange3_16.mp3 Sorry, I am still a novice in this!!! Bear with me, this is my participation on EMS Office Hours with Bob Hoffman and the Rogue Medic.

H and T Assesment in Cardiac Arrest: Pharmacological Perspect5ive

March 19, 2011


Its is imperative that an astute medic obtains a comprehensive medical history from family and caregivers in the setting of a Cardiac Arrest. This can assist you in the performance of running the “H and T’s,” from a pharmacological perspective. Some root cause can be electrolyte driven, iatrogenic (overdose), drug interactions, or medications that prolong […]

Tonight with Office Hours

March 16, 2011


I will comment on the process on how NYC REMSCO introduces new protocols. I will spend time on our intent to remove Morphine Sulfate based on evidence based medical studies- CRUSADE study. I will post the link courtesy of James Hoffman. We will be joined with the Rogue Medic.

Welcome to EMSMedRx

March 12, 2011


Wow, my first Blog, thanks to Steve Kanarian, MPH. Look forward to a pharmacist’s contribution and dedication to  education, training, and research in the world on pre-hospital and emergency medicine. I am psyched to be a part of EMS and the great job you men and women do.  I am a resource for you to […]

Hello EMS World!

March 12, 2011


How important the work you do is.  I tip my hat to EMT’s and paramedics who work everyday to save lives.  I know you need to be the best and i am here to present you with challenging information and deep knowledge about the drugs you see and use in the field.